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Related article: Date: Sat, 30 Jun 2001 02:54:50 EDT From: Subject: Chance and Brian Chapter 15Disclaimer: I do not know funny models pictures or do I care about the sexual orientation of the BSB..what they do behind closed doors is only there business. This story is not to reflect anyones life, living dead or otherwise..If you are under age or in a state that doesnt allow this kind of material then please refrain from reading this. I hope you enjoy this chapter. Chance and Brian Chapter 15*************************************************** Brian Smiled at me and said "Ummmm.. you forgot your silverware""No I didnt tig im going to use yours, if thats ok?.. I thought maybe we could share.""Oh you did .... did you." he said with a half cocked grin on his face."yep... thats what I thought anyway.. but if you dont want to thats fine too." I said as I started to get up..He grabbed legal models xxx my arm and said "your not going anywhere.... stay here beside me.""Tig I need to get my fork.""Nah.. you can use mine.""Oh really?, and maybe I dont want to eat off of your fork now.. maybe I want my own.. maybe your fork isnt good enough.." I said with my lower lip sticking out.. I wanted to laugh so bad but I knew I couldnt."Ok" he said "I will get rid of this fork and get yours then.." he stood and walked over to the sliding glass door opened it and threw the fork out and over the railing. I got up and ran over and out onto the balcony and looked over.. and said " damn tig... I hope no one is down there or they are forked." We both were laughing.Brian turned and looked at me and said " can I fork you.." that did it I was belly laughing so hard I was having a hard time catching my breath.Brian walked up to me still laughing and said "you know I love you.. its so easy to cut up and laugh with you.""Tig ls girls models I love you too, but dinners getting cold why dont you go get the only fork we have left and lets go eat."I walked over to my chair and sat down. Brian walked over and grabbed the fork and came back over and sat next to me."So Tig since we only have one fork left are you going to be a good boy and share or do we need to wrestle for it?""Babe, there is something I want you to wrestle with and it sure isnt the fork." innocent child models he said laughing..I smacked him on the arm and said "Well you know what Mr. Littrell."His smile faded and satine teen model he said "Oh... no im in trouble arnt I?"I couldnt help but laugh, he had been around me for what a week and he already knew when I said those words that I was getting upset. I wasnt.... but I wanted to see what his reaction would be.I smiled at him and said "No not at all.. I was just thinking that im really tired and ready to go to bed""But Baby, we havent eaten yet, and you really do need to eat, we havent eaten since lunch.""ok I will, but I would rather be in bed.""Well so would I babe, but we need to keep our strength up.""Good god you sound like my mother now." I said chuckling"I will take that as a compliment since I know your mom.""Ugghhh, you two are going to become good friends arnt you.. I can just feel it.""I hope so" he said "I want to get to know the person that gave birth to my true love, my soul mate, my life...." with that I covered his mouth as he continued to mumble."Ok you can stop now.. or I think I will be sick."he started laughing and mumbled something else..I uncovered his mouth and told him "If you promise not to get all mushy on me again I will sleep with you tonight."His eyes went from extremely evie model tgp happy to disappointment.. "whats wrong Tig?" I asked with concern."Well, ummmm.. I sleep with you every night so how is that a reward?""Oh you are so cruising Mr. Littrell" I said laughing " you are not making any brownie points here.. first off you should be happy I sleep with you every night.. and second I didnt just mean sleep but SLEEP.... as in sex... but im pretty sure you can kiss that goodbye, is there anything else you girl model 16yo want to add, while your stomping on my feelings?"He was half smiling but still had a frown on his face.. and said "Im sorry, you do know that I love you very much and sometimes I say stupid things...that get me in trouble but dont forget I am just a typical guy.""Yeah a typical guy just like me...and im sorry I guess im just a little tired and a little bit bitchy.. I think I will just go ahead and go to bed, Im really tired Bri.""But you havent eaten anything.. you need protein.""Yes I have, I had some earlier, dont you remember?"He blushed and said "Well yeah of course I do, but I mean normal food.""I love it when I make you little mmodels blush" I leaned over and added "I think its really sexy."Smiling from ear to ear he said "I think your sexy all the time."I leaned in and kissed him on the lips then moved to his cheek and then on to his ear.. I sucked on his earlobe and he moaned out "Oh god Chance" he then leaned back and said " yeah I think im ready for bed.. how about you babe?". I started laughing and said "I thought you would never ask"He stood up and extended his hand to me and said "Shall we?""I would love too" I responded legal models xxx as I grabbed his hand and let him lead me to the bed.He pulled back the covers and laid down. I crawled in next to him and laid my head on his chest and said "Brian... I love you, and I want you so bad... would you...... well would you....ummmm........"He sat up and looked at me. I swear his eyes were looking into my soul and said "What Baby, What did you need, you know I will do anything or get you anything you want."I lowered my head and said "Bri, would you make love to me."Brian reached down and raised my head so that I was looking into his eyes and said "are you sure? we dont have to rush or hurry into this.. dont get me wrong now.. I would love nothing more.. but I dont jacqueline modelo want to rush you""Brian you are not rushing me.. I want to make love to you and I want you to make love to me. Would you please?"He bent down and kissed me saying "I would love nothing more babe, but we do not have any condoms or any lube. We cant do this without those things."I started laughing "Tig go look in the side pocket of my bag, im sure that there is enough condoms, plus there should be a bottle of lube also.. "I moved over a little to let him up. He got out of bed and walked to the bag completly naked, all that I can say is what an ass. All the dancing pays off. I could only hope to have an ass that firm. He reached the bag and opened the side pocket and pulled out a handfull of condoms and the lube.Turning to me he said "are these for emergencies or do you always carry this stuff with you?""I always carry them, you never know when you might meet some guy and decide to get laid.. you know me.. I will lay down for anyone and everyone." I gave him a dirty look and added. " I brought them along tonight just incase."He stood up and walked over to me and put some condoms and the lube on the night stand and said "I didnt mean it that way Chance.""I know you didnt but thats the way it came out. Brian I told you that I havent been with anyone for over two years.""I know you did and im sorry, I didnt mean it like it came out.""Its ok Sweetie, why short nude models dont you get back in bed and keep me warm." I said as I smiled at him.He smiled back and jumped into bed. and snuggled up to me. "Chance, you know I love you right?""Of course I do Tig, Why.. whats wrong? I asked"Nothings wrong babe, actually everything is right.. Chance would you... could you make love to me...please I ls girls models want to feel you inside me.. I want to feel what its like to have someone that models child young I love with all my heart inside me. Would you make love to me."I smiled at him and said "I would love to.. but I want you to make love to me first."I moved over and kissed him on the lips with so much passion and want that I was sure that we both would pass out. I pulled back and looked at his angelic face and smiled and kissed him on the cheek and headed for his ear.. I licked around his ear and slowly sucked on his earlobe.. he started moaning.. I whispered "Tig I want you so bad.." he moaned "I want you more." I moved down and kissed his shoulder blade then went to his chest.. and sucked on his nipple. he moaned out "Baby that makes me so hot when you do that." I giggled and moved lower to his stomach.. he has an awesome stomach... I kissed my way down abercrombie model nude to his belly button and licked around it and slightly sucked on the sides... he continued to moan.. I got up and off the bed and crawled up between Brians legs and said "I love you Tig." I heard "I love you Chance, more than you will ever know."I moved down from his belly button to the beginning of his pubic hair. I placed my hand on his penis which was rock hard and standing proud. I gripped it and slowly stroked while using my other hand to massage his balls. I bent down and kissed the head of his penis and then took it into my mouth. he moaned loudly... I pulled off his penis and said "Brian please make love to me.. he sat up and grabbed me and rolled me over onto my back. and crawled on top of me. We were now laying face to face, stomach to stomach and crotch to crotch. Brian slowly started grinding his hips which was causing plenty of friction for him and I. I moaned and said "Please sweetie.. "Brian then leaned in and kissed me passiontely and was slowly thrusting his tongue in and out of my mouth.. legal models xxx he was driving me wild.I ran my hands up and down his back.. I came to rest on his butt. I cupped his ass in my hands and was thrusting up while Brian was thrusting down onto me..I pulled away from his mouth and said "If you dont do something soon we wont have to worry about doing anything other than what we are doing now."He smiled at me and started to slowly lick his way down my chest to my nipples .. he took my left nipple in his mouth little mmodels and sucked on it.. I moaned loudly... he nibbled on it and looked up at me to make sure he wasnt biting to hard.. I moaned out "Oh god Brian" and looked down at him.. he released my nipple and kissed his way down my stomach to my crotch he took my penis into his hand and rubbed around the head with his thumb and finger. He bent closer and took my penis into his mouth and slightly sucked on the head."Baby I am so close, if you dont stop im going to cum."He nn young models released my penis and said "Thats the plan... so when I do make love to you it will last a long time and be wonderful."I reached down and touched his hire topless models face with my fingers and said "I look forward to every minute sweetie."He 3d pool models leaned back down and took my penis in his mouth again and reached down and started playing with my balls... I kept thinking no not yet no not yet .. I wanted it to last a lot longer.. I was thrashing on the bed and throwing my head from side to side.. and moaning loudly.. Brian realeased my balls and moved further towards my butt hole. I felt a finger tracing the outline of my hole.."Brian I am so close... I cant even tell you, baby please take me over the edge I need this so bad." I beggedHe started to speed up his rhthym on my penis and and slowly started putting pressure on my hole.. as he inserted his finger into my hole it completely sent me over the edge.. I moaned out "Brian czech girl model im there.. im gonna cum... Oh god Brian.." he kept up the motions with his hand and mouth until I was completely spent. I lay there motionless gasping for sandra model sexy air.Brian crawled up my body and said "I hope I did ok.?""Ok??... Oh my god Bri that was awesome."He smiled down at me and then leaned down and kissed me on the lips.. I opened my mouth and allowed him access he immediately went for my spot which is the inner part of my bottom lip with his tongue.. I grumman goose models kissed him back passionately and rolled him over onto his back.. I pulled back and said "Ok are we ready to take it to models naturism young the next level sweetie?""I am but I just want to make sure that you are... since you are the one that just came off of a very intense orgasm.""Tig I am more than ready.. and from what I can feel you are more than ready too."He looked at me with love and want and said "yes I am""Ok well grab a condom and the lube and lets go."I rolled off of him and laid on my back, he rolled over and grabbed the lube and a condom and rolled back over to me so that he was partially laying on me and partially laying on the bed and sex model preeten said "ok I know what to do with the condom and the lube but im not sure what else we should do to make love."I smiled at him and leaned over and kissed him on the cheek and said "well sweetie let me show you."He had this huge goofy grin on his face it faded a little and said "Ummmm baby, is this gonna hurt you.. because if its going to hurt you then im japenese child models not sure I want to do it.""Tig I love you so much" I said as I lovingly rubbed his cheek. "and the answer to your question is yes.. it will hurt a little, but after models naturism young I become accustomed to your... ummm.... size.. it will go away and the only thing left with be pleasure.""Are you sure Baby? I dont want you to get hurt. Thats the last thing I would ever want to do.""Trust me on this Tig.. ok lets get started. First off put some lube on one of your fingers and start to lube around my hole." I lifted my legs and allowed him easy access. He went down and slowly started to run his finger around my hole.. once I felt it was lubed enough I said "Ok now apply marcela pezet model more lube to your finger and then slowly and I mean slowly start to insert it into me." He applied more lube and then went back to my hole.. he looked up at me with apprehension on his face.. I started laughing and said "Bri go ahead its ok really.""Are you sure?""Yes sweetie I am very sure, now go ahead and slowly push your finger into me."He placed his finger at my entrance and slowly pushed until his finger slid into me. I moaned and said "yeah baby.. go ahead and go further until your all the way in.""Chance am I hurting you?""No not at all Bri, go ahead push it all the way in and then start pushing and pulling your finger in and out.. what we are trying to do is loosen me up so that I can fit your Penis in without too much pain, so sweetie go ahead but be gentle." He started to find a Rhythm, I moaned loudly as Brian hit my prostate."Oh my god.... are you ok ..... did I hurt you?""Sweetie that was a good moan.... not a bad one.. you hit my prostate and oh my what a feeling that is." he hit it again and I moaned again.He looked up at me and asked "Does it really feel that good?""Oh Brian... I cant tell you how good it is, it makes your hair curl its so good. You will get your chance. Ok sweetie now pull out completely and apply lube to two fingers and insert them into me."He did as bei box model I told him and reinserted his one finger partially and then started to insert the second finger. I said "Tig its ok go ahead and do the same thing you were doing with the one finger.. once I am adjusted to the second finger then we will do a third.. you look like a three finger kinda guy."He started laughing and said "Thanks I think?"I laughed and said "Bri.. its a compliment believe me.""Baby.. will we have to do this everytime we make love?""Not every time no.. the first couple probably, once we are stretched out enough the only thing we will have to do is put the condom on and then apply the lube."He inserted the second finger and proceded to stretch me out.. so I said "Ok Bri... go ahead with the third finger, you shouldnt have to add more lube just go ahead and insert it and stretch me out more." He inserted his third finger and with that came some pain, however I did not let him know that. he continued to move in and out of me and 3d pool models work his fingers back and forth in me.. it was a great feeling.. and it made it even better because it was Brian who was doing it to me."Ok Sweetie I think its time we take the plunge.. No pun intended.."He started laughing and 13 model said "are you sure?""I am more than sure Bri, let me put the condom on you and lube you up.."I took the condom from him and told satine teen model him to stand up.. I crawled to the edge of the bed and stroked him a few times.. and then ripped open the condom... I looked at the package and realized it was a glow in the dark condom... I smirked and said "Hmmm I wonder if you will light me up?"He looked down at me and said "Babe.. im hoping I do."He didnt get the reference so I figured I would show him once the condom was on and the tiny model young lube was in place. He was hard as a rock.. I slowly slipped the condom on his penis and rolled it down its length... once it was on I grabbed nymph model galleries the lube and applied some to the tip of his penis.. I slowly rubbed it around to get the tip nice and slippery. I then added more to grumman goose models the base and liberally coated his condom covered penis.. he moaned out "God that feels good."I looked up and smiled at him and said "I only hope what we do next will feel even better Sweetie."He leaned down and kissed me and said "I cant imagine making love to you wouldnt be better.""Sweetie would you go grab a towel from the bathroom.. the lube gets a little messy.""Of course I will, dont go anywhere.. I will be right back."I started laughing and said "I dont think I will be going anywhere.. but do hurry."He walked into the bathroom without turning the light on and I heard. "OH MY GOD......... Chance hurry get in here."I chuckled to myself and said "Ok... hold on a second." I got up and walked into the bathroom to only see andrea savage model a yellow penis bobbing up and down.. I busted out laughing and said "Wow.. I love that about you Brian. You can light up a room with your personality and sense of humor... and now come to find out you can do it with your dick too, what more could a lover want."He busted out laughing and said "Yeah little did I know." he looked at me and said "you knew it was a glow in the dark condom didnt you? thats why you made that comment.""Yeah I did, I looked at the package when I put the condom on you.. and I have to say I like them alot..""So do I baby, its kinda cool.""I agree Bri, now can we go do what we planned on doing?? or did you want to stand here and keep talking about your glowing penis.?""No I wanna go make love.. this is really making me hot."I grabbed his hand and said "Well lets go then."I pulled him out of the bathroom and lead him to the bed.. I laid down on the bed and said "Ok Bri... take it slow and easy when you first enter me and let me get adjusted to the size. I will tell you when its ok to go ahead and make love to me.. hows that sound?""Sounds wonderful, but you need to tell me if im hurting you and I will stop.. OK?""Ok sweetie, I will." I wasnt going to tell him.. teenage angels models I would take the pain as it was.. I wanted him to make love to me.. so there was no way I was going to tell him how much it hurt for fear he would stop and not want to continue. I said "Tig probably the easiest way to start this would be doggie style, it should make it easier for you to enter me.""No Babe... I want to see your face.. if your in pain I wont be able appraisal models to see that if your back is to me.""But Brian it will make it easier.... . he cut me off and said.. "No babe I want to see your face, while I make love to you.""Ok... Tig thats fine." I laid down on my back... he crawled up and between my legs and kissed me on the lips I lifted my legs and said "ok big boy.. its all up to you now."He leaned back teenage angels models a little and I felt the tip of his penis press against my hole. All that I could think was ... this is going to hurt.... As he pushed a little I felt the head pop in and pain instantly shot through my body.. as I gasped.. I heard.. "OH MY GOD are you ok?" I pulled Brian down and full mouth kissed him.. I figured if nothing else.. it would take my mind off the pain.. I pulled back a little and said "yes Im fine just give me a minute ok.?"He looked down at me and said rikki model "NO, im hurting you and I dont want that." He started to lean back and pull out but children model prettens I wrapped my legs around his butt and slowly started to pull him forward so that he was going deeper in me.. Yes it hurt but I knew if I didnt do this then Brian would want to stop, and I didnt want that. I leaned up and pulled him down so that he was laying on me and said " Brian I love you so much, would you kiss me..... please.?" He pressed his lips to mine and kissed me with so much passion that I thought I would melt from the heat of it. He pulled back and I could see he was crying."Sweetie .. little mmodels whats wrong?" I said as I continued to pull him further and further into me at a very slow pace."I love you so much Chance.. im hurting you and I dont want that, I love you and I dont ever want to hurt you."im fine really. Bri if I didnt want to continue I would ask you to pull out...... I want this.... I want you to make love to me. I swear Sweetie the pain will go away..... I promise" at that moment I could tell he was all the way in me. I leaned up and kissed him with everything I was worth.. I then wiped away the tears and said "Bri.. please dont cry.. I love legal models xxx you.. it makes me sad when I see you cry, so please for me.. dont cry.. just make love to me.. Please?""But baby I dont want you to be in pain.""Brian a little pain is worth it for some things, and this is one of those things. Bri, I dont know if you have noticed or not but as we have been laying here talking you are all the way inside me, and the pain is gone."I leaned up and kissed him and and said "Brian I want you to make love to me.. I want to feel what its like to have you make love to me.. I want you to know teeny modelle what it feels like to make love to me. Please Brian make love to me."He leaned down and kissed me and said " I will love you always and forever Chance." He started by kissing me on the lips and moved to my nose, he then kissed my neck and moved to my ear and started to suck on my ear lobe. "please Brian........????"He giggled and slowly pulled out.. and slowly pushed in.. I moaned."You ok Babe?""I am more than ok.. Sweetie that feels awesome."He slowly started a very soft rhythm, I couldnt believe how awesome it felt. Every time he would hit a certain point I thought my toes were 13 model going to curl.. it felt so good. Brain started to pick up the pace and the more he did the more I wanted, I was sandra model sexy moaning out how wonderful it was.. and how great it felt. He leaned down and kissed me and said "You are so Tight and I am so close, I dont know how much longer I am going to last Baby.""Bri, it doesnt matter, what you are doing is awesome."He slowed down his pace until he almost stopped. "Brian what are you doing?"Smiling at me he said "Im prolonging the climax baby.""Your trying to kill me arnt you.. Brian I am almost there.. Please.. Please.""No babe im not.. im trying not to cum.. I want this little mmodels to last longer.""Brian Please im begging please." I reached down and started to stroke my penis..Brian grabbed my hand and said "Nope, its all me baby.. lay back and enjoy this." He reached down and took ahold of my penis and slowly started to match his strokes on my penis with his hip motions.. I was in ecstasy, I knew I wouldnt last much longer and I really didnt care. I moaned out "Brian I am so close.. dont stop.. Please I am so close"I heard him say "So am I Chance, so am I."His hip movement sped up as did his hand movement on my penis.. I yelled out "Brian im gonna.... Oh god Brian.. Im gonna selina model nonude cu....... thats when I came all over my chest and stomach..Brian Moaned out.. Oh my god Chance......oh..... Im cuming...and he erupted into me.. and then collapsed .. I wrapped my arms around him and told him that I loved him always and forever.He raised his head and said "Can we do that again?"Laughing I said "ummm can we wait awhile?""Anything for you Chance, I love you so much, and Thank You.""Why are you thanking me Tig ?""Because.. now I know what making love is really all about." ******************** Thanks again to everyone who has written me.. it means a lot.. I hope you liked this chapter.. Please write me and let me know what you think.. good, bad or otherwise. Email is tnerb65aol.comSee YaTnerb
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